She gave me medecine

she gave me medecine

Inspired by the gaver til mænd 2015 Mayan calendar, the Hopi Indians, Hancocks Fingerprints of the Gods, and 13 different channelled sources, going back to the Seventies, several of which mention 2011 or 2012, this page on the From the Stars site gives highlights from the 13 transmissions.
This is a odense city åbningstider julen 2018 good question, since this page doesn't seem to mention it, but has been given this title in the browser.
Read more McKenna's Timewave Examined A mathematical critique of the original Timewave Zero (wrongly presumes McKenna chose end to coincide with end of Maya Cal) Mutation Parlour : An Australian site linking Chaos Magick, Maat Magick, McKenna, Arguelles Hopi Prophecies.Keith Hunter theorises that a pole shift is coming that will restore the earth's 360-day rotation period, and eventually restore it to its original spherical state, raising the consciousness of mankind.Apollonius, apollonius - Rogue Planet : The Apollonius site has a host of interesting essays supporting the claim that Nibiru is about to return to this solar system in 2012.M Laurence Lucas has investigated Mayan, Egyptian, Tibetan Chinese mysteries and formulated a sythesis by which we can prepare our higher dimensional vehicle for the shift in 2012.Also Tantric material, poetry, Quantum Physics, virtual reality, alchemy, magic, astronomy, cosmology, sacred geometry, fractals, archaeology, art and more.These are the archaeoastronomers who discovered the Labyrinth In Egypt, following on from Bauval's discoveries.Lucifer's Hammer Magic Music Myth a rock opera, cd live concert by Alchemy about judgement of the devil in 2012 Maya Calendar and Cosmology : John Major Jenkins on the solstice sun/galactic centre conjunction in 2012.Messages can be accessed by guests, but to post a message you have to join - Towards 2012 : Excerpts from the journal of millennial mutation.
Alternative URL Hope 2012 (b) : A lost piece of the Hope 2012 website Hyperborea Terence McKenna's site discussing the I Ching Timewave which terminates in 2012.
A Millennium Prayer For The End Days - Aligning With The Maya Calendar End date 2012 : Dwayne Rourke's recipe of preparation is a Mayan rite of the 4 Directions.

Many cycles are ended on this precise moment "we'll not blow ourself sky high." etc.The Strange Attractor Crop Formation and The End of Time : Joe Mason comments on an article by Geoff Stray about a convergence of 2012 Omega Pointers - see here for original article ( Hieroglyphs of Dimensional Interface).This is an interesting translation of the Ethiopian text.g.Gaspar has written a book explaining the Great Cycle of Mayan Long Count as a quarter of a "warming cycle which is part of a 23,000-year "dominant ice volume collapse cycle leading to a cyclical pole shift with resultant earthquakes floods.Howard's alternative site and here 21 December 2012 The Mayan Calendar End-Date : Information Made Easy for the Everyday Earthling to Understand.2012 - Eschaton Event 2012 : Video coverage of a Popul Vuh re-enactment ceremony by contemporary Mayans, as preparation for the forthcoming end of the Great Cycle.Time Wave gaver fra imerco Zero 2012 : This is a discussion group that was set up by zyzygyz in order to discuss the Timewave and its imminent termination point.Is this a coded message?Is it a spoof, or genuine Coming Transformation site?
Special "Chakra-Piercing" rites are being held at sacred sites to ease the process.