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A documentarian drawn to examine fashion luminaries, through films like Dior and I, Frédéric Tcheng most recently set his sights on Halston.
Elsa Ramo, founder of Ramo Law PC, was recently named among Los Angeles Business Journals list of Most Influential Minority Lawyers.
Latest News, thats a great Netflix movie, said one premium cable executive of Brittany Runs a Marathon, a scruffy New York comedy based on rookie writer-director.
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Exclusive: Tonights Sundance kickoff film, After The Wedding, fits a festival emphasis on inclusion and diversity.
Exclusive: As an Asian American filmmaker, Justin Chon has made his own lane when it comes to telling Asian American narratives.

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#xa0; Just reading the recipes will make you hungry!
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#xa0; Theres something for everyone with these classic chicken soup recipes, vegetable soups, low-maintenance slow cooker soups, and super filling stews.
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