Le mans vinder

The two 787Bs of the Japanese squad replaced the older 787, and the two cars finished in ninth and tenth places.
4 The 767B, the only car remaining in its class, survived until the end of the race and finished 20th.18) and 30th (No.1991 edit For the 1991 season, Mazda expanded their efforts with the 787.A similar result occurred at Sugo, except it was the Japanese squad that finished eleventh while the international squad had an engine failure.The Piper Ferrari of Weir/Craft had struggled on, but was never under threat despite finishing fourth with only second and fifth gears left.The experiment of the standing-start in echelon from the previous year was discarded.The winning car ran without a hitch apart from a blown headlamp bulb and a precautionary rear wheel bearing change on the driver's side of the car, when a regular check during a pit-stop showed it to be overheating slightly.Mazdaspeed would continue to compete in the race until 1999.This time they would start the race without the Renown sponsorship and in 1996 in the lower end LMP2 category, which was the last time Mazda used the livery.Just before 10pm, the Siffert/Bell car lost over an hour getting its rear end replaced, dropping it to 13th.Nicknamed the Pig by the company, it was driven by Reinhold Joest / Willi Kauhsen.Known as the 512F, it was designed by former Ferrari racing engineer/driver Mike Parkes it had a bigger rear-wing and used the Porsche 917 windscreen which was 120mm narrower, allowing for better water- and oil-cooler placement.It was announced, unofficially, that his 917L had reached 396 kp/h (246 mph) down the Mulsanne Straight 8 dubious discuss This was underlined by Vic Elford coming in second, going five seconds faster using the same car as he had the previous year.33 This had moved the nart Ferrari of Posey/Adamowicz up to third and the Ligier prototype into fifth.

Gachot would go on to drive in the Jordan Grand Prix before being given an eighteen-month prison vind biler ribe sentence in August for a CS gas attack on a taxi driver in London; his place for the Belgian Grand Prix was famously filled by then-newcomer Michael Schumacher.31 Only two makes were among the classified finishers.9 The LM55 is seen as a homage to Mazda's own 1991 victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.The Montjuich Ferrari was fourth ahead of the Martini pink pig, the Matra and Marko's recovering Porsche.Le, mans was more special as it was with his long-time friend Hartley.The year started in Japan, with Mazdaspeed entering two older 787s while the new 787Bs were being finalized.
The Penske team, very competitive at the American rounds of the championship, arrived on one of the nart entry tickets.
After a poor race the previous year, the engine was strengthened and now put out 420 bhp.

4 It also came with a new 4-speed gearbox, but as all the teams chose to use the tried-and-tested 5-speed gearbox the new engines were not used either.