Klippekort gave

klippekort gave

If you are only going to travel through 6-zones gave til barn skattefrit once or twice, it is not cost-effective to buy a card and have 8 unused clips.
First a klippekort is a multiple ticket card.These are handy if going through many of zones.Let's get started - use card on right to follow along.Yikes what a crappy system. .Men du har mulighed for at hente og udfylde et refusionsskema i gavekort musikkens hus DSB Salg Service eller i DSB 7-Eleven på stationerne.Also remember when you use a ticket, it is not just for a single trip from point A to point.Clocks are set a bit later, so you can often get 15 - 30 minutes of travel time.Klippekortet er ikke personligt, så du kan altid dele det med andre.I kampen mod forfalskning brød HUR i foråret 2006 med et princip om, at gamle klippekort kunne bruges efter takststigninger.On the back of your klippekort is information about how long you can travel.You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page for current prices.On the bottom of the card you will see where the cards have been stamped in the machine, When you place your card into the ticket machine it takes a small klip out of the card and places a time stamp on the card.
Movia (tidligere, hUR Trafik ).
Januar 2017 kan du ikke længere benytte DSB klippekort af pap.

You can travel on the ticket for your allotted time as long as you travel within the same zones.Note : One of the most common misconceptions on using these discount travel cards is the amount of time you can travel on them.Please feel free to comment on this subject.If someone wants to learn how the system worked, I will leave it active for the time being, but the Klippekort is dead in Denmark.Let's look at my first klip on this card.The "1745" on the klippekort represents the time the card was stamped in the machine.Unfortunately, the klippekort is no longer available for use in Denmark as of January 15, 2017.If the train arrives at your final stop 5 minutes after the allowed time, you might get a fine.You will save money when buying these discount cards as long as you are going to use all the klips.
Du får dækket porto ved forsendelse og der tages ikke gebyr.

Roman numerals are used.
Alle gamle klippekort kunne indtil.
Klippekort til busser og tog i Københavnsområdet.