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The first Netto store opened.
The first store was opened.Dysponujemy wasnym transportem i przy duych zamówieniach dostarczamy produkty bezporednio do odbiorcy.For other meanings of "netto see.This was all due to logistical issues, resulting in the selling of stores in Barry and Caerphilly.Lider du af tandlægeskræk sætter vi gerne ekstra tid af til din behandling.The rebranding of 147 former Netto stores, under the Asda brand was completed by 29 November 2011.Anne Grillot, design d'intérieur AEC En ligne, micheal Eardley.Plans called for one store to be combined with a Sainsbury's.
In August 2004, the first stores in Stockholm were opened.
By 2003, there were 28 stores.

Competition laws required Asda to sell the remaining 47 stores to other companies, such as Morrisons, new convenience store UGO, and other retailers.Netto is owned.Do produkcji acuchów uywamy woskich i hiszpaskich folii.The two chains are unrelated to each other.Firma dysponuje znacznymi przestrzeniami magazynowymi, co umoliwia przechowywanie naszych produktów.Døgn stores offer the same service as regular Netto stores with fewer products, but longer opening hours and higher prices.Netto primarily expanded in central England, before moving into Southern England, namely London.O naszej firmie, firma "toyland" posiada 30 letni tradycje.For other unrelated supermarket chains with the same names, see.Netto has since expanded in the states of Brandenburg, Berlin, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein, and there are a total of more than 340 stores by December 2014.
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7 Other countries edit The Netto name is also used in other countries, such as Spain and France, but these stores are independent from the Scandinavian Netto.
In December 2007, there were 84, and in May 2009, there were 107.