He gave me herpes should i forgive him

he gave me herpes should i forgive him

We cant solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
And when we are laid bare, God can work.
But I get so many emails from women detailing all sorts of things that are wrong with their husbands, and yet in most of these emails, the roots of the problem were visible before the marriage.Bottom line: With a prescription, you'll be fine.And even look for trials for new medications, because you never know!He told me he wanted to stay together but if we did we had to always be honest with each other and agreed to a no secrets policy.H burning into my flesh.Lets learn from our mistakes, and let others learn from theirs. .Of course I do, she replied.So, whats on your mind?Talk frankly about sexual optionswhat is safe to do?Three L's in One: Leper, Loser, and Lowlife.Because, as my friend discovered this morning, sometimes the only problem standing in our way is the one we created in our head.Last night my husband told me something about his college years that he never told me before, she said in a shaky voice. .Take every thought captive!I feel like I was more upset than he was, at least from what he showed.We need to be honest about our past choices and we need to own those past choices.

The bottom line is that letting go of the need to forgive every misstep and mistake a person makes can be mentally and emotionally freeing for everyone involved.Thanks for reading 4 likes, 19 replies, report.I vinde helsinge forsamlingshus dont have an easy answer to this question, and so Im just going to put up a few thoughts.I dont want to answer those questions because Im not a doctor, but things change really quickly, and theyre always developing new medicines, so keep asking.She sat in silence for a few seconds, made a crooked half smile, and then shook her head. .Now she has a different perspective.Since then I've sent him an e-mail apologizing.All we need is the willingness to look at things a little differentlyletting go of what happened and what should never have been, and instead focusing our energy on what is and what could be possible.I believe that it is often in these really hard challenges that God shows up the most.