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In the Action Phase (right players call on these favors to perform specific actions on the board.
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We are a games publisher and why philip gave up his title not a shipping/delivery/governmental postal carrier.
Shipping is far more comprehensive and includes: getting the container shipped to the US, or the EU, or Australia; the Customs and VAT (or equivalent) and other import fees and taxes; the drayage from the port to the warehouse; the warehouse fees to unload and.Shipping can be problematic and expensive.If the shipping charges are acceptable, you will pay for the Add-ons via PayPal or wire payment.So we ask that you join us in assuming some of the risk when it is not ours either, and that you are as tolerant and patient as need be about the estimates we make many months before as to "Estimated Delivery" dates in the.News flash March 6 - ALL Stretch Goals are now included for ALL Kickstarter Backers!2.000 -.000 1 stk.As a result, we are offering pakke opp gaver bryllup these add-ons only gavekort skagen after the KS program ends (via our survey that you will receive within two weeks after this KS ends) AND we are only offering them to US and Canadian Backers for certain.1.500 -.000 1 stk.It has been our experience that many people (including sophisticated international Kickstarter Backers) frequently confuse "shipping" expense and "postage" expense.Ptah (left) allows the player to claim the active Monument Card (multiple matching monuments score points!).Add-Ons have been the source of a lot of confusion and some "issues" in the past.500 -.000 2 stk.Internationally, for unusual shipping destinations or multiple games, get in touch with us and tell us the total how many games you want and which ones; and where you would like them shipped.Suzanne White Jason Grantz.
UK Backers will get their games from BoardGameGuru in London.
We ask that you understand this and when we occasionally make mistakes in"ng shipping expenses and that you accept these changes.

Canada: Orders ship from Board Games Bliss in Ontario.If there are issues with your game, please contact our customer service department within 30 days of receiving your copy of the game you have pledged for.(Contact us directly about this by clicking the "Contact me" button at the top).Frequently they cost as much or more than the game(s) did to produce.It is very difficult and expensive for us to coordinate and pay for shipping and stocking goods in four or more locations around the world.We ask that you are patient and tolerant and share the burden with us of making sure that shipping is as positive an experience as it can.Sample 2/3: In the Crater Zone area, to the left of the mine entrance.only Kickstarter Backers will be getting them for free!
1.000 -.500 4 stk.