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This suggests that they wanted NMC to be a regional mathematics competition in its own right at a level accessible for Nordic secondary school students.
They are then forwarded with the preliminary marking to a committee in the host country of the year, who coordinate the marking and decide the final result of each contestant.According to the 1991 regulations, proposals should be collected from the countries other than the host country.Den Internationale Matematikolympiade 2015: Igen i år to bronzemedaljer til Danmark.For this magazine there is no download available.Besvarelser over et vist pointtal, belønnes med et diplom.The contest takes place on March 30, 2005, basically at each participant's own school.However, problem 4 in 2002 must be deemed outside this curriculum since its formulation involves the concept of probability.No aim of the NMC is specified in the 1991 regulations.The participants should be eligible to the IMO, and also other secondary school students are allowed to participate.Det danske hold med diplomer.As a repair he proposed to change in point 4 of the regulations the words "enrolled in an upper school (gymnasium to "enrolled in an upper school (gymnasium) or eligible to the IMO".Den er opkaldt efter den danske matematiker."Regulations of the Nordic Mathematical Contest".Hosting the NMC rotates among the participating countries in a fixed order.Plads til Baltic Way 2018.Ud fra resultatet i Den Nordiske Matematikkonkurrence.
3 4 regulations (see image) display the present name, 'The Nordic Mathematical Contest and words equivalent in Scandinavian languages to 'competition' or 'contest' are used in the subsequent reports except in 1999, when 'olympiad' returns temporarily.
The meeting consented to the proposal.

Moreover, the web sites of the Nordic secondary school level mathematics competitions provide information on the NMC: Norway : Niels Henrik Abels matematikkonkurranse.Det danske olympiadehold efter afslutningsceremonien.The full text of the statement reads as follows in its version from 2005: "We shall not publish a detailed regulation, but just remind everybody of the basic facts: Each country can enroll a maximum of 20 participants Participants should be eligible for the next.15.000-20.000 deltager årligt.The organizing country checks the translations before the contest.Name edit Regulations 1991 The name of the competition has changed over time.For en helt korrekt besvarelse af alle opgaver opnås altså i alt 20 point.
De første ti er multiple choice-opgaver med fem mulige svar, og de sidste ti opgaver skal besvares med et facit som er et positivt heltal.
In Matti Lehtinen's report 5 from the 4th gavekort planteskole NMC the NMC is seen rather as a vehicle vind lego friends for the training for the IMO: "Most of the participants were candidates for the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), and the NMO may be seen at all.