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gave translate

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I was given to believe that.
5 (cause) shock, surprise dar; rabatkode til viaplay sport causar; pain causar; provocar what a shock you gave me!
Cuánto diste or pagaste por él?Detect From:, to:, results (French) 1: s'il vous plaît entrer ici pour traduire le contenu.Do give the family my best wishes to give sb a cold contagiar el resfriado a algn; pegar el resfriado a algn (informal) he gave her herpes to give sth into sb's hands entregar or confiar algo a algn 3 (offer) party, dinner dar they're.I'll never be able to give you a child nunca podré darte un hijo I can't give him the child he wants to give sb a bed for the night they gave us a lot of help nos ayudaron mucho it gave us a good.Hacer creer a algn que.Dar a entender a algn que.Para mí las canciones viejas!Give me a gas cooker every time!11 (punish with) the teacher gave him 100 lines el profesor le castigó a copiar 100 líneas; the judge gave him five years 2017 kugle minder perso lig gave el juez le dio cinco años; to give it to sb (beat) dar una paliza a algn; (verbally) poner a algn como.Synonyms of translate, words Related to translate, near Antonyms of translate.Qué me das por ello?; how much did you give for it?Her garden gives her a lot of pleasure it gives me great pleasure to welcome you all es un gran placer para mí darles la bienvenida a todos to give sb a kick/push dar una patada/un empujón a algn to give sb to believe that.Me hicieron creer que.James asked me to give you these documents could you give her a message?Results (French) 3: Veuillez entrer ici pour traduire le contenu.I'd give a lot or the world or anything to know.

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I'll give you holidays!
Prefiero mil veces una cocina de gas!; children?