Gave til whiskey elskere

This the big Willingdone, grand magentic, with his gold tim goltin spurs, quarterbrass shoos shoes, this his big wide harse.
With the tabarine tamtammers of the whirligig magees.
Bidimetoloves - from Herrick's poem "Bid me to live and I will live thy protestant to be" "d Ulysses, 645) The FW sentence is about Protestants sinfully seduced by Catholics, who believe in absolution bi- (l) di- (gr) - two.
Humpty - humped, hump-backed Humpty Dumpty - A short, dumpy, hump-shouldered person.The harps dischord shall be theirs for ollaves.Burrock - an aparatus made of wickerwork for catching fish pore - to gaze, study or think long or earnestly forecourt - the court or enclosed space in front of a building, the first or outer court.Micgranes, Malachus - Joyce's Rabelais list contains malchus (a curved sword similar to a cutlass migraine (a fire grenade, from Provençal migrano like london rabatkode : pomegranate (fruit verdun (a long and narrow sword, properly sword of Verdun, a town ever renowned for its manufacturing of steel blades).Cranic - of or belonging to a skull, cephalic caster - one who casts, in various senses of the verb peer - to look narrowly, esp.Addle - to muddle, confound, spoil; to earn by labour, gain and FDV: He addle iddle wife wyfie and he annie Annie hugged the liddle crathur wither Wither tear tare in hares hayre in honds tuck up your pardner part-in-her.Tay - tea the tea is wet ( Anglo-Irish phrase ) - the tea is ready (also euphemism for sexual intercourse).Touchole Fitz Tuo - mush.The buildings of the Magazine are surrounded by a ditch and wall.Then we'll know if the feast is a flyday.Dublin, Georgia - Town, Laurens County, Georgia, US, on Oconee River.Behove this 13 UP sound of Irish sense.
Pumpship ( Slang ) - urinate hank - to fasten with a hank culpa (l) - fault waggle - to move (anything held or fixed at one end) to and fro with short quick motions, or with a rapid undulation; esp.
In Bedier's Tristan and Isolde, Tristan dies there after raising the siege of the castle and marrying Iseult of the White Hands.

But, lo, as you would quaffoff his fraud stuff and sink teeth through that pyth of a flowerwhite bodey behold of him as behemoth for he is noewhemoe.Beats that cachucha flat.Foot - to go on foot, walk, run "Put your best foot foremost" foutre le camp ( French, Slang ) - to go, leave fous le camp!In someone or something that is highly approved of FDV: His lay clay feet, swarded with verdure, stick up where he last fell on em, by the hump of the magazine wall, where our Maggy Maggies seen all couldn't help keep it at all with.Mind your boots going out.According to Giraldus Cambrensis, three brothers, Olaf, Ivor, Sitric, built the cities of Dublin, Limerick, Waterford.Wellington captured it from the French, orthez - Town, South-West France, where in 1814 Wellington defeated the French under Soult.You're better off, sir, where you are, primesigned in the full of your dress, bloodeagle waistcoat and all, remember- ing your shapes and sizes on the pillow of your babycurls under your sycamore by the keld water where the Tory's clay will scare the varmints.Tristram Tree - Mr Senn found in The Castles of Ireland,.Back side - the back, the back premises, back yard bagside ( Danish ) - back, rear.Bauble - a child's plaything or toy, something foolish Genesis, Chapter 11 of the Bible: the Tower of Babel was a tower built by a united humanity to reach the heavens.
Ale - an intoxicating liquor made from an infusion of malt by fermentation; beer song Dobbin's Flow'ry Vale.
FDV: This way to the mewseyroom.