Gave synonym english

gave synonym english

Babylon English-Dutch give short shrift niet bij biograf gavekort århus stilstaan, onverschillige houding, babylon English-Danish give short shrift behandle uden hensyn, behandle grimt, babylon English-Swedish give short shrift var ohyfsad mot, uppträda otrevligt mot.
Give out, emit, exude, send or out, release, of: Her clothing gave off a of lavender.
Yield, give, or : If that gives, the balcony come down.
Synonym give: a)take b)return c)revise d)copy e)hold.3., pass on, convey, : Give my regards to Broadway.Give (v)., (over or oveb, donade, hand, : give me the envelope.E See 8, above.Yield, give up, give ground, away (from back, capitulade, surrender, : After for hours to make him his, he gave.Babylon English-Turkish give short shrift ilgilenmemek, önem vermemek, kabaca davranmak, babylon English give short shrift treat without consideration, deal rudely with.Assign, hand over, surrender, relinquish, pass or over, give up; assign, entrust: We gave our dog oveb to Lambert's for training.
D, be reduced or depleted, fail, out: What will we do when the gives out?
2., transfer, barter, swap or swop: Philippa gave a week's that.

C See 4, above.Present, ;, : Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Madja Kiziamainska, the Nightingale!Utter, give out (with : He gave a.Babylon English-Italian give short shrift trattare qualcuno in modo sgarbato, babylon English-German give short shrift kurz abfertigen, kurz angebunden sein, babylon English-Japanese give short shrift, babylon English-Portuguese give short shrift referir-se a alguém com desprezo, oferecer somente um pequeno tempo livre à alguém.Cede, concede, allow, currender, yield: He gave me the but I the.1 accord, administer, allow, award, bestow, commit, gavekort broen esbjerg confer, consign, contribute, deliver, donate, entrust, furnish, grant, hand over or out, make over, permit, present, provide, purvey, supply, vouchsafe 2 announce, be a source of, communicate, emit, impart, issue, notify, pronounce, publish, render, transmit, utter.(n)., ;, : There is give in the rules governing working hours.She was giving out handbills to passers-by.
A, off, desist from, off, abstain from; ; Colloq out, chuck: I am drying to give up smoking.
Babylon English-Chinese (S) give short shrift.