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N.D., possibly September 23rd-24th, 1991: Hotline Miami 2 Digital Comic, Issue 3, Hotline Miami 2, Pilot and Hotline Miami 2, Act 1 Scene 4 (Final Cut).
May 16th, 1989: Hotline Miami, Chapter 17 (Fun and Games).May 11th, 1989: Hotline Miami, Chapter 5 zalando gave (Full House).May 27th, 1989: Hotline Miami, Chapter 8 (Push It).April 23rd, 1989: Hotline Miami 2, Act 5 Scene 19 (House Call).That commitment means H M embraces wcag guidelines and supports assistive technologies such as screen readers.It is unsure whether he kills them or not.December 10th, 1991: Hotline Miami 2, Act 3 Scene 11 (Dead Ahead).The Son launches his final assault on the Colombians, destroying their organisation completely.The Fans go on a killing spree for the first time.3 politicians are among those killed at Hotel Blue.Input from THE subreddit: "It is possible that The Fans can be seen serving alongside Jacket's unit." /u/T3lias "It might be possible that Scarf is The Executive at PhoneHom, as they have similar appearances." /u/SpinningHorn-Wheel.
The Son moves his headquarters elsewhere after the collapse of the Colombian mob.

Hotline Miami 2, Hard Mode Intro.April 16th, 1989: Hotline Miami, Chapter 2 (Overdose).All events from this point on take place in Miami, Florida.Beard dies in the blast.May 24th, 1989: Hotline Miami, Chapter 19 (Resolution).Jacket's unit experiences their officer behaving incredibly strangely the night before their final mission, which is once again a "suicide mission." Barnes is killed and Jacket mortally wounded.San Francisco, California: Hotline Miami 2, Act 4 Scene 16 (Casualties).
May 23rd, 1989: Hotline Miami, Chapter 7 (Neighbours).
After eradicating the head of the Russian mob, Jacket throws away what is believed to be the picture of him and Beard in Hawaii.