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These people are numerous.5, they are also known as, mahmand (Great.Others, who feel so disposed, must pursue the investigation for themselves; for it is foreign to the main design of this Note, which has merely been to show that we have the Meds of the Arabs lix rabatkode retaining their own name to this day, as well.The name still exists as that of a considerable village or township, as well as of the district in which it stands, and the original inhabitants are still called Gandhdri in distinction to the Mahmand conquerors.The consequence was a contest for the better lands, and the Tarin tribes, being the stronger of the two parties, gradually encroached upon the "Fat Pastures" ( Ghwara Margha ) of the Mandar and Mahmand tribes, and finally dispossessed them of their lands.They graze their flocks to within a short distance of Mámhal.Their lands were in the summer subject to droughts, and were besides in great part waste, owing to the exhaustion at that season of the tributary Page-64: streams and the diminished volume of the rivers.
The infidels who inhabit Sind are called Budha and Mand.

In Europe they are represented by the modem Wend of the Austrian dominion.Tag et kig blandt sortimentet - du skal nok finde den perfekte gave til ham!Gaveideer til ham, de fleste mænd kan godt lide killinger gives væk jylland action og spænding.As this could scarcely have been effected with the consent of the former occupants of Upper Sindh, whom I suppose to have been the Iatii, or Jats, I would refer to this period as the beginning of that continued rivalry, which the historian Rashídu-d dín.Ibn Haukal (Ashkálu-l Bilád),p.38 The History of India, as Told by Its Own Historians/V.See also Manda Reference ahiya : Jats the Ancient Rulers (A clan study),.240,.n.141 Jat History Dalip Singh Ahlawat/Parishisht-I,.n.They have many cattle sheds and pasturages, and form a large population.The Mers would seem also to have occupied Lahore, as Abú Ríhán states that the capital of Loháwar was named Medhukur or Mandhukur.1 This place is said to have been on the east bank of the Ravi, and, if so, it was most probably Lahore.Many will, of course, look rabat fætter br upon them as fanciful and extravagant.Mand Jat clan is found.Ellew 14 It was in the first half of the fifteenth century, during the reign at Kabul of Mirza Ulugh Beg the grandson of Tymur, or Tamerlane that the retrograde emigration, previously mentioned, took place, when a large body of the Budhist Indians, converted.

Now, the Budii were also one of the six Median tribes, and the juxtaposition of these two names in the province of Sind should not escape notice, for they also may have formed a body of similar emigrants.1 All arguments against the probability of such.
Here they were soon attacked by a people called Gandhari ( Gandharai in the singular) from the lulls to the eastward.
Dhillon An Inquiry Into the Ethnography of Afghanistan,.