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632) In the first draft of "Covenant Dukat was portrayed as being secretly insincere about his alleged belief and faith in the Pah-wraiths.
It's not so much his face, to me, it's his stature.
I guess that would be everything below this point.
Saznaj vie, vijesti, pobjednici." (Hidden File 02, rabat harald nyborg DS9 Season 6 DVD special features) She stated about Marc Alaimo's transformations into the role, " hvor kan gavekort til rosengårdscentret bruges When he's on the set, he is Dukat.275) The way Dukat is depicted in "Indiscretion" evoked pride in Robert Hewitt Wolfe, who rewrote the episode's script together with Behr.He aligns himself with what is convenient at the moment, but I don't think he's a psychopath, or capable of mindless evil.Those actors who desperately wanted their own character to become Dukat's killer included Nana Visitor, though Behr was certain that he wanted Dukat to be killed specifically by Sisko." Reacting to these sentiments from Combs, Alaimo stated, " I think he's in awe of Dukat.D,.S.C.,.D.).This scene is notable for being one of the only times that Dukat is shown as utterly helpless.Seems to be wasting a wonderful opportunity.Kira: It is from this angle.Dukat was fascinated by Kira.He's not performing for anybody.
Why, Major, it gives me reason to live.
I think people regard him as a very powerful presence and they're attracted to him in a very strange way.

Dukat commanded the Dominion forces which velvære gave ældre retook Terok Nor from the Federation in late 2373.Kira: I thought we agreed to keep this strictly business.521) Dukat's popularity waned by the time "Covenant" was first broadcast.Dukat: We already." We asked ourselves, 'How can we take Gul Dukat and bond him closer to Kira in a way that would just make her insane?( DS9 : " Covenant Falling into the flames of the Fire Caves on Bajor In late 2375, Dukat secretly underwent cosmetic surgery on Cardassia Prime to pose as a Bajoran farmer, Anjohl Tennan.Or perhaps the relationship never happens; perhaps it remains a desire that Kira cannot bring herself to acknowledge, or an obsession solely in Dukat's mind.At the last second, she not only gets her mother out of harm's way, but also warns Dukat about the bomb, saving his life.Set just after the episode "Call to Arms." Wow (Ariana, also found here ) - One of the only lighthearted K/Du fics I've found.4) Although Dukat is present in DS9 fifth season opener " Apocalypse Rising his part in the episode was minimized.
Bradley Thompson recalled, " We asked ourselves, 'What if Dukat had been making it with Kira's mother?' " After consulting the Star Trek Encyclopedia to ensure the idea chronologically fit with the events which had already been established, the writers went ahead with depicting the.
may in fact indicate a type of rank as opposed to his initials, such as "Supreme General" or "Station Gul as he was in command of Terok Nor at the time of this recording.