Designers and friends rabat

designers and friends rabat

NBK Headquarters 27 NBK Headquarters View project.5 Ring Road and East Extension.5 Ring Road and East Extension View project.
Al Salam Palace 38 Al Salam Palace View project.
Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah Causeway 32 Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah Causeway View project.
Younger I had also been taught raku ceramic, where fire, water and wood were key variables.They evolve quietly, in the details.The power of time and light and the alchemy of print was a kind of ceremony.Four Star Hotel in Hawally 41 Four Star Hotel in Hawally View project.So i would say I work by collage, creating a perpetual mix between my very first loves in terms of shapes and my very present appetite for textiles and surfaces all around.Ras Al Barr Resort 25 Ras Al Barr Resort View project.To discover why Guery is so fascinated by Indigo, our editor, Cecile Poignant met her in her atelier in Paris.
The First Ring Road 7 The First Ring Road View project.

Algeria Gulf Bank Headquarters 24 Algeria Gulf Bank Headquarters View project.Creating something new that kind of erases what you just achieved before is not stimulating.I wish to keep on developing ery wardrobe to build a true vocabulary of shapes.I have always been considering fashion skattefri gaver til foreninger as an intangible core around what different mediums are gravitating to build an idea, an impression.Al Madina Al Shamaliya Islands 40 Al Madina Al Shamaliya Islands View project.Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre 31 Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre View project.Marina Waterfront 16 Marina Waterfront View project.Kuwait Children's Hospital 46 Kuwait Children's Hospital View project.These kind of four-handed works are pure energy and a way to explore new territories.It comes from out of the fashion sphere.
Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah Highway 35 Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah Highway View project.
I would love the studio to keep in mind its origin, to be part of a new generation, thinking about fashion differently: the clothes are made to last for years and to be a personal daily luxury, objects of respect and pleasure for both the.

Recently, you did many collab with Meghan Shimek  or l'Atelier Singulier  is it something you want to pursue?
Oil Sector Complex 19 Oil Sector Complex View project.
One thing I wanted for the workshop is to offer a high-level of explanation and experimentation, so to have time and space to really feel the process in its diversity.