De gave

Finally, it flows, as a left tributary, into the river.
De Cambridge English Corpus Each subject gave written informed consent after having carefully been informed about the study.
De, cambridge English Corpus, between 19team of executives gave many addresses to church groups, students, and other interested citizens.
Gaves Réunis (United Gaves).DutchDat barnets verden rabatkode ik daarbij niet aanwezig was, mijnheer de gavekort biocity aalborg Voorzitter, heeft simpelweg te maken met het feit dat ik nog niet de gave van de alomtegenwoordigheid bezit.More_vert The first gift, or talent, is mindsight - the ability to enter into other people's minds and learn what they have to offer.Give Cómo se pronuncia "gave"?Weitere Informationen zu unseren Cookies und dazu, wie du die Kontrolle darüber behältst, findest du hier: Cookie-Richtlinie.More_vert, luckily, we are still entitled to express our surprise or indignation.

DutchHier zie je de gave van Bernoulli in zijn letterlijke vorm.It takes its name from the city.De, cambridge English Corpus, the age distribution of those who gave financial support to their children was strikingly different from the age distribution of those who gave to grandchildren.DutchWe mogen natuurlijk niet vergeten dat mevrouw Fraga evenmin de gave heeft van alomtegenwoordigheid.More_vert, now, this is Bernoulli's gift.It passes through the following regions, departments and communes : Main tributaries The tributaries of Gave de Pau with a length greater than 29 km (18.0 mi) are: Left tributaries Ouzom -.2 km; Baïse -.6 km; Gave d'Azun -.1 km; Laâ -.5 km; Right tributaries Ousse.More_vert I did not attend simply because I do not yet have the ability to be in more than one place at hyggeonkel rabat the same time.
Many other rivers in the region have the word gave as part of their names.