Birthday gave away for kids girl dk

Chip away at sth figurative (decrease gradually) ( przenony ) podkopywa co, nadwtla co ndk.
I tried to edge away from the nybagt mor gave drunk man on the bus.
Fritter away (waste, squander) trwoni, marnowa ndk.Ebb away vi adv figurative (gradually disappear) stopniowo zanika przys.M He looked away when she started crying.Lucy came away from the interview feeling confident that she had got the job.Drive away (repel, force to leave) odpycha ndk.Loaf sth away, loaf away sth (be idle, waste time) leniuchowa ndk.Idle sth away (time, hours: pass lazily) tumaczenie niedostpne The teenagers idled the summer away in the house instead of making themselves useful.With their do-or-die' motto, the Sagittarians make even the impossible look quite possible.
Their attitude helps them see the brighter side of the worst and gives them enough strength to forge ahead in life.
Fall away (abandon, forsake sth) zostawia ndk.

Get away UK, slang (you're joking!) artujesz!Charitable: Forever ready to help people in distress, the Sagittarians are one of the most generous people around.Die away (fade, diminish) znika ndk.Cut away (TV, film: change shot) wcina ndk.The Prime Minister brushed aside any suggestion that the government had failed to deal with the problem.It's only 2 miles away.Drift away figurative (lose contact, become estranged) traci kontakt ndk.