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Game 1: Parenting Questionnaire: This is one of the viaplay rabatkode 2016 most popular coed baby shower game.
Ask each guest to taste the food and guess what.
Easy Baby Shower Game Idea Guess Whats In The Bag.
Image Coutesy: m Game 2: Fish the cotton ball: This game is extremely popular because of its simplicity and fun factor.Just try telling the difference between rice and safety pins.Next day, give one cube per guest and start the fun.Guest who completes a column first will win a prize.This game is a spin off of the traditional kids game, but its loads of fun to play at a baby shower.If youve got a party to plan, check out our tools below.Let the mom-to-be rabatkode støvsugerposer dk choose her favorite design. .Arrange the male guests in a line across the room. In this game, you will need a jar full of cotton balls and a small spoon.Each guest has to remove the maximum number of cotton balls out of the jar with the help of the spoon.Take an empty ice tray and place a jelly belly in each block. Guests should tick the matching gifts off from their bingo cards as the gifts are opened.Place these baby items attractively.Everyones becoming super excited to meet the new arrival and what better way to celebrate than with a baby shower?

Distribute a bingo card to each guest.You can also add other items of your choice.Hand a notepad and pen to each guest and ask him or her to guess the price of each product.Mom-to-be will definitely remember you when she reads the letter out to the baby in future and cherishes the event.The catch is that each guest will be kalendergaver til menn blindfolded and will have to complete the task in one minute.Need I say more?Game 1: Guess the tummy size As the name suggests, each guest has to cut a string of cotton wool in a length that will be of size of the mom-to-bes bulging tummy.Its not that easy!Game 5: Lucky Diaper: You will need to prepare for this game in advance.Your mother-to-be will enjoy her special day, and your guests will be impressed with your hosting abilities.Guest with maximum number of coin deposits wins the game. .
Hilarious baby shower games.
Announce that the lucky guest who finds the cup cake with the plastic baby may be next in the line to be blessed with a beautiful baby.